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Chidusz 10/2020: Jewish Self-Hatred and Love for Christianity

The white bear on the cover is the main character of a short story written in Yiddish in 1927 by Arn Meisel. In this issue we publish its first translation into Polish. Moreover, American talmudist Daniel Boyarin confesses his love to Christianity and British feminist and literary scholar Jacqueline Rose deconstructs the myth of Jewish self-hatred. Ora Dresner talks about the former residents of the most literary villa in Wrocław, where Olga Tokarczuk Foundation will have its head office.

Chidusz 9/2020: Jewish Post-Abortion Rituals and the Bombing of Gaza

We open this issue of Chidusz with an article about new Jewish religious practices to comfort women, who have had abortion. We also share strong opinions of the outstanding Jewish architect Michael Sorkin z”l about the bombing of the Gaza Strip. We write about not-so-obvious gender of biblical Rebecca (Torah describes her as a “young man” as many as five times); and animal cruelty prohibition (according to rabbinic sources). Furthermore: Macho or Mentsch (or: Trump or Biden?); the next chapter of Der Shvartser Yunger-mantshik by Jacob Dinezon (in translation from Yiddish by Magdalena Wójcik); Adam Puławski’s Inconvenient Arguments (Holocaust reports of the Polish underground).