Chidusz is a Polish Jewish magazine. Its first issue came out in 2013, although Chidusz was then just a fledgling project, born as the successor of a bulletin published for members of the Wrocław Jewish Community. Since then a lot has changed, yet our goals remain the sameeducating and strengthening the identity of Polish Jews. Following the magazine’s development it has become crucial to move Chidusz beyond the framework of the local Jewish community. This is how, in 2015, Chidusz Jewish Foundation, since 2016 the publisher of Chidusz, came to be. Chief Rabbi of Poland Michael Schudrich [click to see BIO on Wikipedia] and leading Jewish intellectual and journalist Konstanty Gebert [click to see BIO on Wikipedia] are to be found on the Foundation’s board.

Chidusz comes out ten times a year in Polish, and once a year, as a summary of the most important articles, in English [click here to see all English issues]. It is delivered free of charge to the homes of Wrocław Jewish Community members (geographically, covering more than the whole Lower Silesia region), Jewish organizations, cultural institutions, and many Jewish communities members throughout Poland.


Our mission is supported by following donors through following programs:

  • Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Poland – operating grant for ethnic minorities

  • Wrocław Jewish Community

  • Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund

  • City of Wrocław –  contributor through the Wrocław Publishing Program since 2018

  • Taube Philanthropies

  • Paideia the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden – contributor to the English-language issues

  • – sponsor of the free subscription program for cultural institutions and libraries

  • Mr. Joe Erlichster – sponsor of the free subscription program for 100 Jewish communities’ members



Chidusz partners with many organizations locally, in Poland, and abroad. Since 2017 we have been publishing the weekly Torah commentaries by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks in Polish translation [click here to see all commentaries in Polish]. In 2018, to complement the traditional religious content of Chidusz, we also started running a cycle of queer commentaries, thanks to the kind permission of NYU Press to translate sections of their Torah Queeries book (ed. Gregg Drinkwater, 2009) into Polish.


To help Chidusz create the highest quality journalistic content, please support us with a donation.

We guarantee full transparency and oblige ourselves to make use of even the smallest donation in a sensible way, contributing to the magazine’s development.
Would you like to get engaged in supporting Chidusz’s specific program, please contact us at office[at] We would be happy to allocate your donation towards goals such as free subscription programs (for i.e. Holocaust survivors, Righteous Among the Nations, specific Jewish community, schools), translation projets, specific columns in Chidusz, or publication of the English-language issue.


To help us continue publishing Chidusz, please support us with a donation



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