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Sabina of Lviv

“If you really need to know, I will tell you about my family. Just know, I am not fond of doing it nor want to remember,” said my grandmother, looking at me with disapproval. (…) my curiosity arose 20 years earlier when I met her sister Gina in Chicago. On her tiny arm one could see the Auschwitz camp tattoo. Over the years nobody explained anything to me.

Chidusz 6/2022: Male Theology and Women’s Experience

On the new cover of Chidusz synagogue becomes an exclusively female space. Women occupy all the downstairs seats. Balconies, on the other hand, are left empty. The service is led by a female rabbi. The artwork illustrates ideas from two essays by an outstanding Jewish feminist theologian Judith Plaskow in which she helps us understand why we should distance ourselves from the male God language and imagery used as a tool of exclusion of women from Jewish religious life.

Jewish Crisis Management Team

  At night, someone called that a mother with four children had been suddenly left homeless because the landlord had “changed his plans”. The woman did not know what was happening. When Lesław found her, she was standing on the pavement. The children were clinging to her, not even saying a word. Looking completely absent,…

Chidusz 4/2022: The Jewish Crisis Centre

The Jewish Crisis Centre This month’s cover is an artistic vision of people working to help refugees in the White Building, next to Nożyków Synagogue, at 6 Twarda Street in Warsaw. It was there, after the events of the 24th of February, that the Jewish Crisis Centre was established. The newly-created body helps, on a…