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Chidusz 4/2022: The Jewish Crisis Centre

The Jewish Crisis Centre This month’s cover is an artistic vision of people working to help refugees in the White Building, next to Nożyków Synagogue, at 6 Twarda Street in Warsaw. It was there, after the events of the 24th of February, that the Jewish Crisis Centre was established. The newly-created body helps, on a…

Chidusz 7/2021: A Queer and Pleasant Danger [a serial memoire]

The cover features Kate Bornstein – transgender lesbian activist, theorist, and performance artist, „a sublebrity in the pantheon of America’s queer and postmodern subcultures” whose memoire will appear in the next ten issues of Chidusz. But this issue also contains a much less colorful story – the tale of the post-war destruction of the Jewish cemetery in Kępno.