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Chidusz 7/2021: A Queer and Pleasant Danger [a serial memoire]

The cover features Kate Bornstein – transgender lesbian activist, theorist, and performance artist, „a sublebrity in the pantheon of America’s queer and postmodern subcultures” whose memoire will appear in the next ten issues of Chidusz. But this issue also contains a much less colorful story – the tale of the post-war destruction of the Jewish cemetery in Kępno.

Chidusz 6/2021: Polish-Jewish literature, osteopathy and drag kings

On the cover of the summer issue: three Polish writers, whom we celebrate this year. In order to survive the Holocaust and be accepted by the Polish culture, Tadeusz Różewicz, Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński and Stanisław Lem had to hide their Jewish “stigma”. Is Poland ready to embrace their Jewishness?   Baczyński i Różewicz: Poets Under…

Chidusz 5/2021: From Cholera to Coronavirus

In the new Chidusz we write, among other things, about rabbinic responses to the problems of pandemics in previous centuries, the equality revolution in the Hebrew language and the forgotten Jews of Psie Pole/ Hundsfeld.