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English-language issues of Chidusz

The English-language issues of Chidusz summarize the most important events of Jewish life in Poland, and they feature the best articles previously published in the Polish issues. The carefully selected material shows the full scope of Jewish life in Poland, including coverage of break-through political and cultural events, reportage articles about Jewish communal life and identity, and reviews of the most significant debates pertaining to both the Polish-Jewish community and beyond it.


We are currently working on Jewish Stories from Poland

Here you can read full versions of the 2016 and the 2017 issues (just click on the cover), as well as excerpts from the articles from the current 2018 issue.



Anti-immigrant demonstration on the Old Town Market Square in Wrocław in November 2015 during which an effigy of a Jew was set on fire. / Edyta Marciniak CHIDUSZ 2016